What is Random Chance?

Posted on: April 28th, 2014 by Marianne

What is random chance?

Maybe the shade snaps up-its suddenness frightening. But then you look out the window and notice the neighbor’s cat strutting up the street, tail an exclamation point or you notice the fingernail moon sneaking toward the horizon.

Maybe the day you lose your car keys is the day you leave late enough to avoid the fender bender on Route 9 near Look Park or you’re still home to receive the phone call from a friend you’d been thinking a lot about recently but just hadn’t had the time to call.

Pay attention to everything…from the way you button your shirt to the waitress who toasts your bagel to the lengthening days. Pay attention to flossing your teeth, washing the broiler pan and playing ball with the dog.

Take the oars out of the water. Paddling upstream is exhausting and there is nothing up there anyway. Toiling and troubling does not make something more valuable.

Haven’t you had one of those days when you hit all the green lights, there’s parking right in front, you get the last piece of blueberry pie, the check is in the mail, the light is just right so you see the earring you just dropped, your neighbor brings you eggplant parmesan for dinner and your nightgown doesn’t twist around you while you sleep.

What I mean is love this day of random delights. Wait for what comes next and know that there is always more-more cookies, more hot water and more fun.

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